Wednesday, 12 May 2010

WWG Recreational Vehicles

This week's World Works Games vehicle review looks at the RV (Recreational Vehicle) - a kitbash submitted by Slymoon. The kitbash is clearly based on the vans from the Bits of Mayhem. You have a choice of two colours for your RV - black or red.
There are two noticable things that differentiate this design from the normal van. First of all, it is a lot taller. Note how the sloping sides have been extended upwards, giving any occupants in the passenger compartment ample space to walk around without having to bend over.
The second difference, clearly visible in the photo above, is that the van has been elongated. Again, this gives far more room in the passenger compartment.
I've pulled off my usual trick of making the spare wheel an actual 3-D prop rather than just part of the artwork. One more change to the van, which is not so clearly noticable, is that the wheels are a lot thicker.
It's a good kitbash and one that I greatly welcome. There is a red van in the Bits of Mayhem set but not a black one, so making one of the RVs black was a good choice. It gives mysterious Men in Black agents a cool vehicle to travel in. Lord knows what gadgets they could fit to it!
Next time, I'll be looking at something very different in the vehicle line. Keep watching!


  1. Alright Bryan, new project for you then. You gotta get all your WWG vehicles into one big photo shoot sometime, like you did with your Zeds. It is mind boggling how many of these guys you've built already.

  2. I suppose that could be done, Willy. I'll tell you about something I was planning regarding ATZ. I was thinking of creating a huge traffic jam using all of my WWG vehicles. This is a scenario that would take place in the early days of the outbreak, although if all the vehicles were left abandoned it could occur anytime in the campaign. Anyway, I was thinking that when the heroes drive up and see the traffic jam they're going to have to make some tough decisions. With the road ahead gridlocked, do they abandon their vehicle and head out on foot? Or do they turn back into the city they're escaping from, risking further danger but possibly finding another way out of the city? What if all the city exits were gridlocked? There's a whole raft of scenario ideas to be used here. Man, I've got to get back into gaming!